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10:37 a.m. - 2008-05-22
Title Page
:From Shadow:
::To Light::
:::A Peterick Slash Styled Story:::
♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬♪♬::::Written By : Miss Alyssandrah Eclipse::::
:::::Written For: Miss Sylvian-Lynn Thompson:::::
Readers Beware, this a slash styled fan-fiction story . It there fore contains slight if not radical homo-erotic behavior in many scene between two rather well known male celebrities. In no way however does this story suggest this behavior to be true . This again is simply a story, read the disclaimer for further detail on what was now stated. Thank you all for your time, enjoy the story!!!


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